Saturday, November 15, 2008

Hidemi Uematsu Dear My Friends Song PV Video

Hidemi Uematsu is a new J-Pop singer-songwriter who has just debuted. The new single by Hidemi Uematsu contains two brilliant songs. The first one is called Dear My Friends, and combines her unique voice and great melody to make it a fantastic ballad that will surely touch hearts while having you hum the melody for ages after listening to it.

Here is Hidemi Uematsu's PV or music video for Dear My Friends:

With such a beautiful and unique voice, and a mysterious image at the moment (why is Hidemi Uematsu face always covered by a cap or hoodie?), the spunky singer is bound to make waves in the J-Pop scene once her full album debuts. Check it here for the latest news on Hidemi Uematsu, especially once the first album is released. Meanwhile, this first single is definitely making the airwaves and splashes in the J Pop music scene. You can also hear more of Hidemi Uematsu Trauma single as the B-side and a very good song too.

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