Sunday, February 22, 2009

Hidemi Uematsu Jidai Song PV Music Video New Single Release

Hidemi Uematsu has just released her new PV music video for her upcoming second single Jidai. If you recall, Hidemi released her first single which consisted of Dear My Friends and Trauma and it marked her as a new J Pop artiste to be watched, not only because the songs were simply brilliantly fantastic, but she is also a talent singer songwriter with unique vocals, certainly someone worth giving your support for. When news of Hidemi Uetmatsu's new single Jidai was released, fans of Hidemi Uematsu were waiting impatiently for it. She has decided to please her fans with the PV first and here you can watch it and listen to the new song:

The Jidai video is not spectacular visually but with Hidemi Uematsu, it is never about her looks (she still remains hooded but you can start to see slightly more with each new release) or other details of her packaging. Instead, it is always about the music for Hidemi Uematsu, and nobody can dispute the fact that she releases great songs. Jidai is another masterpiece from Hidemi. It is not a fast tempo song like Trauma, nor spots wide ranging vocals like Dear Mr Friends, but Jidai has the hallmarks of every great tune that the J Pop artiste has released so far (ok not many yet) such as a simple but great melody, incredibly flexible vocals (she mixes the famous Japanese nasal vocals in parts with soaring pipes that Western singers are more renowned for), thought provoking lyrics and just an all-round classic song that will be known for years to come.

Hidemi Uematsu will release Jidai as a single soon on March 4th 2009. Be sure to grab a copy when it is out. I have been listening to Jidai non stop since the video was out and will be making a ringtone for myself. Please leave some comments if you wish for it to be made available here. Meanwhile, you can catch all the latest news about her music, videos, career and mp3 downloads here. You can also learn more about Hidemi's biography and all her past musical releases.

Update: Hidemi Uematsu's new single Jidai is released now and I cannot wait to receive my copy. I managed to pre-order it at CDJapan since it was the only place I could find it direct from Japan and at a considerably cheaper price of 952 yen (roughly US$9.70). I don't mind paying for good music and I'm glad they had the single available for sale for international fans. If you like Hidemi's music, do support her by getting her single.