Monday, December 22, 2008

Hidemi Uematsu Announces New Single Jidai

Hidemi Uematsu has announced her new single titled Jidai, not long after the great success of her first single Dear My Friends / Trauma. The new Hidemi Uematsu single Jidai will be released next year on March 4 2009, on the Toys Factory label. Hidemi achieved many fans with her first single, which saw almost 200,000 download purchases. She has also received widespread attention and fans like her style of the low baseball cap shielding her eyes with a hoodie very much.

Hidemi Uematsu, the child of parents who were also professional musicians, grew up with folk music and that is very evident in her music. She writes her own songs, which can be heard on Dear My Friends and Trauma, two very different styles but both carrying her trademark unique voice and great melodies.

Hidemi Uematsu is also a staunch environmentalist and those influences might show up in her future songs as well. But for now, she is concentrating on bringing the best music and tunes for her fans, whom she is very grateful and appreciative of. While we wait to see what new music Hidemi Uematsu will bring us with her new single Jidai, let us enjoy what she has created for us for now with Dear My Friends and Trauma. Both are excellent songs and loved by her fans. Be sure to support Hidemi Uematsu's new single Jidai once it is released!

Meanwhile samples of Trauma from Hidemi for download will be available to encourage more to experience her music and also to support her, especially with hope that her first album will surface next year. Can't wait.